ATL Homicide

A compelling new true crime series from TV One, dropping viewers smack dab in the middle of real-life murder investigations. Veteran homicide detectives David Quinn and Vince Velazquez of Atlanta PD have stories-and they're sharing some of the grittiest of them all. ATL Homicide dives into these stories with detectives Quinn and Velazquez as they recount their personal experiences solving these cases, alongside astonishing dramatic re-creations that transport viewers into each case.


Season 1.0

1. Tereon Grant (2018-07-09)
2. Alan Watson (2018-07-16)
3. Deadly Affairs (2018-07-23)
4. Murder on the DL (2018-07-30)
5. Forbidden Love (2018-08-06)
6. Ghosts of the Past (2018-08-13)
7. The Naked Man (2018-08-20)
8. Cassandra Bryant (2018-08-27)
10. Apriel Allen (2018-09-10)
11. Mamadou Berry (2018-09-17)
12. Homeless Serial Killer (2018-09-24)