Art Breakers

Art Breakers features two of the top art advisors in the country, Miller Gaffney and Carol Lee Brosseau, on their quest to find the hottest artists, commission show-stopping works, and save their clients from spending their millions on junk. In each episode, Miller and Carol Lee tackle a new business challenge to accommodate their clients'eclectic tastes and sometimes bizarre requests. Whether it's soliciting a nude portrait for a quirky client, throwing a star-studded gallery opening, or digging through celebrity estate sales to turn up the best in Hollywood memorabilia, these undaunted pros are the art world's best match-makers.

"Miller and Carol Lee didn't get to be the top art advisors for nothing. They're young, in demand and know the art world inside and out," said Scott Woodward, EVP, Programming and Production, Ovation TV. "In this series, Ovation viewers will get a ring-side seat as they take us along on some of their most challenging assignments."


Season 1.0

1. Commission Control (2015-10-04)
2. Vegas Vibes (2015-10-11)
3. Art from the Outback (2015-10-18)
4. No Budget Required (2015-10-25)