Around the World with Manu Feildel

For many years I've dreamed of traveling the route Phileas Fogg took in Jules Vern's famous novel, Around the World in 80 Days, but with a special twist. My adventure would be a culinary voyage — cooking, eating, and sharing the food of each amazing destination with the people I met along the way!

Of course I couldn't just follow the footsteps of Fogg, there must be a modern-day challenge to keep it interesting. Could I circumnavigate the globe with only 30 days, and an AU$20,000 budget?

To make sure I can experience as much as possible I'm allowed to top-up my coffers by washing dishes, cooking meals and even busking, but I cannot accept travel or money without earning it.


Season 1.0

1. United Kingdom (2016-10-09)
2. Dubai (2016-10-16)
3. India (2016-10-23)
4. Hong Kong (2016-10-30)
5. Japan (2016-11-06)
6. USA (2016-11-13)