Amish Renogades

Master craftsmen Albert, Robert and Leon from DIY Network's Vanilla Ice Goes Amish are fish out of water when they travel across the country to work on home improvement projects outside of their Amish community. From Boston to the bright lights of Las Vegas and the beaches of Southern California, it's a brave new world when they tackle modern tasks like managing social media and driving a car.


Season 1.0

1. Sin City Amish (2014-11-22)
2. Holmes to Hollywood (2014-11-22)
3. Desert Kitchen Revival (2014-11-29)
4. Beantown Basement (2014-12-06)
5. Attic Overhaul (2014-12-13)
7. Backyard Ranch Oasis (2015-03-07)
9. A Fix Fit for Christmas (2015-03-14)