America Unplugged

Hosted by former Navy Seal Cade Courtley, America Unplugged is a new series that takes viewers on a cross-country journey to meet the folks that are unplugging from society. Each of the eight episodes provides a riveting look at the excitement and danger of living off the grid. The terrain, wildlife, and food sources are as varied as the people who choose this lifestyle. But they are all motivated by the same thing; they want to live free, as they pursue their own version of the American Dream.


Season 1.0

1. Scott Hunt (2014-06-05)
2. Robert Allen (2014-06-12)
3. Logan Parker (2014-06-19)
5. Mark Patrick (2014-07-03)
6. Arvo Thompson (2014-07-10)
7. Josh & Rachel Jackling (2014-07-17)
8. Ted Baker (2014-07-24)