According to Alex

Alex Martin Dean is NOT your typical mom, and she doesn't have a typical family. Sure, they get loud and have their own drama, but in the end, there's nothing but love! Now that the kids are getting old enough to step out of the house and make their own plans, Alex and her best friend, Leisa, are talking about what they want to do with the rest of their lives, both professionally and personally-- that is, until a new grandchild, Alex's daughter Amara and her fiancé, Chris, move home, turning to Alex and the rest of the family to help raise their new baby girl. Can they balance family, fun and future plans without losing their cool, or their minds? Find out... on According to Alex!


Season 1.0

1. Vegas Family Affair (2015-10-17)
2. Big Date (2015-10-24)
3. Man Day Out (2015-10-31)
4. Mason Music Video (2015-11-07)
6. Party Time (2015-11-21)