Access Health

The goal of Access Health is to educate and entertain as we tackle a variety of health issues through three main perspectives: Medicine, Nutrition, and Fitness. At the beginning of each episode we will present a health & wellness theme. Our host and industry experts will have a roundtable discussion before breaking off to offer insight from the perspective of their own specialties. Here viewers will get a three-pronged approach to managing and solving a broad array of issues.


Season 3.0

Season 2.0

Season 1.0

1. Pilot (2014-11-26)
2. Overcoming Inertia (2015-01-14)
3. PNH Awareness (2015-02-11)
4. Multiple Sclerosis (2015-03-04)
5. Pompe Disease Awareness (2015-04-15)
6. How to Manage Migraines (2015-06-17)