A is for Apple

A is for Apple is a fun, fresh take on a food challenge show genre. In each episode, one of our three hip, young chefs randomly picks a letter of the alphabet and goes shopping for two very different ingredients that start with that letter (apples and anchovies, bananas and bacon, chicken and chocolate – just to name a few). Back in our stylish cooking pod, which redefines "the kitchen", our intrepid hosts then create mouthwatering dishes for acts two and three. In the final act, they reach deep and come up with one crazy but delicious mash-up dish that features both ingredients! Kale and kumquats, anyone?


Season 2.0

1. Mango and Mustard (2017-04-03)
2. Lamb and Licorice (2017-04-09)
3. Shrimp and Sausage (2017-04-10)
4. Endive and Eggplants (2017-04-16)
5. Chicken and Corn (2017-04-20)
6. Radicchio and Raisins (2017-04-20)
7. Avocados and Apricots (2017-04-24)
8. Cheese and Chocolate (2017-04-27)
9. Kaffir Lime and Kohirabi (2017-05-01)
10. Beef and Buttermilk (2017-05-08)
11. Pork and Peanuts (2017-05-15)
12. Tea and Turkey (2017-05-22)
13. Dill and Duck (2017-05-29)
14. Nectarines and Noodles (2017-06-05)
15. Coconut and Crab (2017-06-12)

Season 1.0