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cover for 009-1

009-1 follows Mylene as she goes through missions. Equipped with machine gun breasts, her cyborg body allows for quick reaction and speed. In an alternate universe, the Cold War has been going for over 140 years, and the world was divided into two. As the number of nuclear weapons grow.

cover for 07-Ghost

Set in a gothic fantasy world, this is the story of Teito Klein, an orphaned slave who became the top military academy student. However, an unexpected turn of events left him pursued by the forces of the Barsburg Empire. Now an escaping convict, Teito's sheltered by the church and it's law of sanctuary. Here, he discovered many mysteries surrounding himself, the church, and the Empire itself. The fact that he might be connected to a dethroned king and the mystical stone of god, 'The Eye of Mikhael' made him the target of the empire more than ever. Fortunately the church is under the mythical 7 Ghost protection. But who are the Ghosts really. Will Teito be free from the military's clutch, And what of his said mission to uncover the history. And who is the military's Chief-of-Staff Ayanami exactly. Teito's future seems to have spiraled into an unexpectedly perilous path.

cover for 07 zgłoś się
07 zgłoś się

07 zgłoś się (07 come in) is a very successful Polish criminal TV series. Directed by Krzysztof Szmagier, it centers around the investigations of Police (Milicja Obywatelska) lieutenant Sławomir Borewicz, played by Bronisław Cieślak. The series has 21 60-minutes Polish language episodes, divided into 5 seasons - as the series was filmed in 1976, 1978, 1981, 1984 and 1987.

0 Goshitsu no Kyaku

Fuji-TV reserves the late-night time period to be used for experimental projects, giving up-and-coming young screenwriters, producers and directors a place to develop their skills and televise their works. This time around several Johnny's Jimusho idols will participate in a television mini-drama project on Fuji TV. Titled 0 Goshitsu no Kyaku, the show will consist of six stories, each lasting for a month. The weekly episodes will be 15 minutes long.

Set in a city hotel called Point, where there is a strange "Room 0" that can reveal one's "grade" as a human being. Various guests with different circumstances visit the room, hoping to determine their own worth.

cover for #@)₴?$0 з Майклом Щуром
#@)₴?$0 з Майклом Щуром

Гумористично-аналітичне шоу "#@)₴?$0 з Майклом Щуром" доводить, що іноді реальність неможливо пережартувати. Але невгамовний Майкл Щур робить неможливе і продовжує разом з командою аналітиків відшукувати непомічене у важливому і важливе у непоміченому. Хоча інколи він знаходить абсолютно неважливе у нікому непотрібному.

Відтепер ведучий шоу Майкл Щур має нові навички, наприклад, вміння влучно стріляти. Тому інтерв'ю у програмі стало ще більше (хто ж відмовить людині, яка вміє добре стріляти?) і вони стали ще більш відвертими (хто ж наважиться брехати людині, яка вміє добре стріляти?)

Нові жарти, старі та нові песонажі і тонкий (а іноді не дуже) гумор – це те, на що завжди можна розраховувати під час перегляду гумористично-аналітичного шоу "#@)₴?$0 з Майклом Щуром"

cover for 10,000 BC
10,000 BC

Twenty modern day Brits try to survive two months in the wilderness.

cover for 1000 Days for the Planet: The Human Adventure
1000 Days for the Planet: The Human Adventure

A crew of mariners, scientists and filmmakers are followed as they cast off on the Sedna IV, an oceanographic schooner, to sail around the world exploring the beauty of nature, how ecosystems work and conservation challenges facing the planet.

cover for 1000 Heartbeats
1000 Heartbeats

1000 Heartbeats is a quiz show hosted by Vernon Kay, in which contestants have their heart rate constantly monitored. If they complete seven rounds before their heart beats 1,000 times, they could win a jackpot of 25,000 pounds.

Every contestant start their game with 1000 Heartbeats. As they play each of the seven rounds, their heart rate is monitored and every single beat of their heart makes one of their 1000 Heartbeats disappear. The aim is to get through as many rounds as their heartbeats allow, banking cash along the way. If their heartbeats run out, they go home with nothing.

Contestants battle their way through increasingly challenging rounds of general knowledge, word play and maths, whilst attempting to keep their heart rate under control. Because the quicker their heart beats, the faster their time runs out.

cover for 1,000 Places to See Before You Die
1,000 Places to See Before You Die

The show, hosted by Albin and Melanie Ulle, travels around the world to showcase some of the Earth's vast beauty. The program also explores the diverse cultures of several amazing countries and approximately 100 of the 1,000 Places from the book, with an eye towards unearthing local charms and traditions.Based on Patricia Shultz's travel book this programme follows her guide with Melanie and Albin Ulle, a young American married couple. Each program focuses on a different country and Melanie and Albin's experience of what each place has to offer.

cover for 1000 Ways to Die
1000 Ways to Die

1000 Ways to Die combines the science of living and the randomness of death with a dash of Darwinism. What actually happens when a rattlesnake's venom enters the bloodstream? How do nitrogen bubbles affect the body after long exposure under water versus 2 miles up into the sky? Forensic experts, pathologists, toxicologists, herpetologists, and other experts offer eloquent explanations of mortality while employing the use of dazzling CGI effects. Truly not for the faint of heart.

cover for 1001 Things You Should Know
1001 Things You Should Know

1001 Things You Should Know is a quiz full of questions the contestants really should know the answer to. But getting these basic questions right unlocks trickier ones, which earn the contestants cash. The questions are posed by a variety of experts in their field and Channel 4 celebrity faces.

cover for 100 Centre Street
100 Centre Street

100 Centre Street was an American legal drama that aired on the A&E Network from 2001 to 2002.

100% Charter

In 100% Charter, the participants have won a charter trip - yes, a real one! Now it's finally time for youtube stars Thomas Sekelius and Kaily Norell to vacation in Mallorca with an entire TV team in tow! There will be fast water toys, Spanish karaoke, raffle tennis match and memorable tattoos. Together with host Hanna, viewers get to vote on what these youtuber stars next holiday experience shall be.

cover for 100 Code
100 Code

New York, USA. Stockholm, Sweden. Over the course of the last 12 months, young, blonde, blue-eyed women have been turning up dead in a field of Asphodel flowers. Through a special dispensation from the NYPD, Detective Tommy Conley is given permission to observe and advise the Stockholm PD. Upon his arrival in Sweden, he is paired with Mikael Eklund, a by-the-book Swedish cop with an aversion to American grab-and-go culture. Both hate each other, but the two had better straighten out their differences as the killings continue. Jobs aside, both cops are fighting demons from the past. Conley's guilt over his girlfriend Maggie's death continues to haunt him. He is forced to confront his past when he starts dating Charlie, the owner of a local American sports bar. Eklund's need to be a better father to Hanna is what drives him, but with the investigation intensifying it proves more and more difficult – he seems to fall into old patterns again. As the investigation unfolds, Conley and Eklund are led along a path of no return, to a killer behind the prolific murders. But who is he and what is he after?