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cover for C³

From the light novel series written by Minase Hazuki, comes a story of love, action, and comedy. Yachi Haruaki is a high school boy who is naturally resistant to curses. After his father sends him a mysterious black cube, Haruaki awakes to find a nude girl named Fear standing in his kitchen. She's the human form of the cursed black cube – and an instrument of torture! Utilizing her special abilities, Fear fights alongside Haruaki to defeat other cursed instruments and their owners.

cover for C4's Future Sounds
C4's Future Sounds

MistaJam hosts a show introducing this year's hottest acts.

cover for Cabasuka Gakuen
Cabasuka Gakuen

The story revolves around the struggle to become the number one hostess at the host club "Suizokukan", in order to save the Majijo high school from being shut down forever due to their main company going bankrupt.

cover for Cabela's American Archer
Cabela's American Archer

Host Tom Nelson shares his more than three decades of archery experience with viewers on Cabela's American Archer. His down to earth approach has helped make this series a fan favorite for more than ten years. Travel with Tom to the world's top bowhunting destinations on this action-packed and informative program.

cover for Cabin Fever
Cabin Fever

Log cabins are the ultimate dream sanctuaries, and this team of skilled builders makes their clients' cabin fantasies a reality. Whether nestled at the base of a mountain or in a suburban backyard, these craftsmen create unique log homes sprung from their clients' imaginations.

cover for Cabin Reno
Cabin Reno

Real estate guru Kristy Petrillo identifies undervalued and tired mountain and lake houses, snaps them up and then flips them for a serious profit. Buying and selling real estate in Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains, Kristy is an expert in the southern Appalachian home market. From building out basements and replacing kitchens to tearing down ugly siding and stacking stone walls, Kristy and her crew do what it takes to renovate these cabins and turn them into dream destination homes.

cover for Cabin Rescue
Cabin Rescue

Alex Charvat is recreating history by rehabbing and restoring old Colorado log cabins. Alex is here to rescue your cabin--one log at a time.

cover for Cabin Truckers
Cabin Truckers

There's a dream home—and there's a dream location. Cabin Truckers follows the complicated business of hauling colossal cabins across rocky, mountainous terrain delivering precious cargo to families who want a remote, picturesque retreat.

cover for Cactus Bowl
Cactus Bowl

The Cactus Bowl, officially the Motel 6 Cactus Bowl for sponsorship purposes, is an NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision college football bowl game that has been played in the state of Arizona since 1989. Originally played in Tucson at Arizona Stadium as the Copper Bowl, the game moved to Chase Field in Phoenix in 2000 and then to Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe in 2006. For the 2015, 2016, and 2017 seasons, the Cactus Bowl is being played in Phoenix while Sun Devil Stadium undergoes renovations. During this time, the game will be one of four bowl games that are played in baseball-specific stadiums; the Miami Beach Bowl, played at Marlins Park, the St. Petersburg Bowl, played at Tropicana Field, and the Pinstripe Bowl, played at Yankee Stadium, are the others.

cover for Cadbury Dream Factory
Cadbury Dream Factory

Cadbury Dream Factory brings Kiwis' dreams to life in the wildest, most unpredictable and highly engaging show of the year! From dreams that are truly life changing, that capture the emotion and the heart, to dreams that inspire the most random acts of spontaneous and hilarious joy. The Cadbury Dream Team is Brooke Howard Smith, Jesse Griffin, Kimberley Crossman, Walter Neilands and Guy Montgomery. They surprise New Zealanders with extraordinary, amazing moments that will capture the heart of the nation.

cover for Cadfael

Brother Cadfael is a twelfth-century Anglo-Welsh monk. A retired crusader disappointed in love, now a herbalist in charge of the gardens of Shrewsbury Abbey, Cadfael is often called on to solve murders and other crimes in and around Shrewsbury.

cover for Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

The adventures of the human survivors in a future dinosaur dominated world.


Caesar is a project, which reimagines Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar in modern-day Los Angeles, is described as a tale of power, sex and revenge.

cover for Café Americain
Café Americain

Holly Aldrige is a young American living on her own in France. Although she doesn't speak any of the language (which causes trouble for her frequently) she finds a job working as a waitress in a small cafe. At the cafe she meets a strange assortment of characters from around the world. She gradually comes to be friends with them and starts to find her place in her new home.