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cover for Baantjer

Baantjer is a Dutch television programme which was broadcast by RTL 4 from 6 October 1995 until 1 December 2006 for a total of 123 episodes in 12 seasons. It stars Piet Römer as Jurriaan 'Jurre' de Cock, a police detective, and Victor Reinier as Dick Vledder, his helper. The series is based on the novels of writer A. C. Baantjer.

cover for Babar

The adventures of a beloved elephant king and his family come to life in this delightful animated series based on the children's books by Jean and Laurent de Brunhoff. Living in a huge mansion with his whole family of elephants, Babar has entertained over millions of toddlers, and even older children nation-wide.

Babel II

Life seems simple for Koichi, a young student, until he learns that he is the reincarnation of an alien protector who crashed onto the mantle of responsibility as "defender of the Earth," Koichi/Babel teams up with a trio of super-powered alien companions to battle the the dark forces of an evil cult leader. The war to save humanity takes Babel from the deserts of southern Asia to the upper east side of Manhattan and ultimately to a final showdown with "the master" in a hidden base nestled in the Swiss Alps. The action is fast-paced and deadly. The fate of the world rests in the ability of this courageous youth to tame his latent psychic power and use it to defeat the enemies of mankind.

cover for Babel II: Beyond Infinity
Babel II: Beyond Infinity

Koichi Kamiya is a normal student, but one day, a mysterious voice wakes him up from his dream, and asks him to fight against evil in the name of Babel II. The next day, he meets Juju, Wong and the powerful Lord Yomi, who is trying to gather a powerful group of people with psychic powers to take over the world. But first, he needs Babel's Legacy, a tremendous power which can only be used by Babel's succesor, and this succesor is, of course, Koichi. With the help of Rohdem the black panther, Robross the giant bird and Poseidon the giant robot, he will protect the Earth from Yomi's evil forces.

cover for Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing
Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing

If you spend over 30 years on television, you can't fake enthusiasm. That's why, through all these years, a natural bond has developed between Babe Winkelman and the people who watch him fish and hunt on TV. As the host of Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing and Babe Winkelman: Outdoor Secrets, Babe has succeeded in fulfilling his dream of being self-employed in the outdoors industry through a combination of hard work, good business instincts, and a gift for communicating his love of hunting and fishing.

cover for Babe Winkelman's Outdoor Secrets
Babe Winkelman's Outdoor Secrets

Known primarily for his angling exploits on Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing, the sportsman moves on to stalking different types of critters in this companion series. Here, Winkelman travels to assorted hunting and fishing sites on the North American continent, sharing his tips and traditions for fellow outdoor enthusiasts as well as passing along his respect for the natural world on Babe Winkelman's Outdoor Secrets. Viewers can also expect the occasional feature "Kris' Kitchen" in which Winkelman's wife presents tasty recipes for fish and game.

cover for Babies Behaving Badly
Babies Behaving Badly

What do babies really do when we aren't looking?

Babies Behaving Badly shows how the littlest humans mimic their parents, argue with their siblings, and make their point as strongly as they can-sometimes, at inopportune moments.

cover for Babies Behind Bars
Babies Behind Bars

Babies Behind Bars is a 2-part documentary series that takes place in the maximum security Indiana Women's Prison. Of the 600 prisoners, about 60 are pregnant. Those inmates are vying for just 10 spots in the "baby dorm", which allows select inmates a chance to serve their sentence with their babies. It's part of a radical new project called the Wee Ones Program, and the goal is to give moms an opportunity to bond with their babies and, more importantly, avoid repeat offenses.

cover for Babies Behind Bars
Babies Behind Bars

Nearly 75,000 women are entering prison in the US each year and up to 10% are pregnant when they enter. A staggering 7,500 babies are born behind bars each year in the US. In most cases, babies are separated from their mothers immediately after birth. However, there are a handful of states where for the betterment of the infant (studies show enormous health and developmental benefits accrue when babies bond strongly with mothers in their formative years) and the reduction of recidivism by nearly 50%, the pregnant inmate can keep her baby and raise it behind prison walls. Currently there are 8 experimental prison nursery programs nationwide of this kind and we have exclusive access to one of them. Indiana Women's Prison is a maximum security prison that runs the controversial Wee Ones program on Unit 7 of the prison complex. Across the 10 serialized hours of Babies Behind Bars we will follow the interweaving stories of 4 to 5 inmates, each of whom is at a different stage of the 18 month program. Some will be entering the program just before giving birth, some will be about halfway through the program, and some will be coming to the end of the program. All will be struggling to play by the rules and remain in this ZERO TOLERANCE program while fighting for a better life for themselves and their babies. We'll also follow the inmate, the nannies, and the tough-love prison guards in whose hands the futures of these incarcerated mothers are entrusted.

cover for Babilônia

Once childhood friends, Beatriz (Glória Pires) and Inês (Adriana Esteves) eventually become arch-enemies due to Inês' envy for Beatriz's sudden enrichment. Beatriz married into money to businessman Evandro (Cassio Gabus Mendes) and raised playboy Gustavo (Bruno Gissoni), she gets involved with Cristóvão (Val Perré) and ends up being blackmailed with pictures by Inês. She ends up killing him and framing Inês so that she goes to prison instead of her. After being released, Inês end up in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, along with her husband Homero (Tuca Andrada) and her daughter Alice (Sophie Charlotte).

cover for B.A.B.S

BABS is a feel-good series about Loek New Hague, who married men as Special Officer of the Civil Registry. He is popular as BABS, because he lookalike is a famous actor who plays the lead role in the very popular Dutch film 'Forever Connected. The famous wedding scene from that movie for many people the epitome of romance. Therefore Loek, traveling at the request of trouwlustigen, weddings down to replay the scene.

cover for Babushka

Babushka is a brand new game show where teams of two have to use their knowledge, skill and a bit of luck to win big cash prizes.